Buyer's Services:

Our Agents
Our approach to finding you a home in Manhattan is based on unparalleled experience. We have access to tens of thousands of listings in New York from every major company in the city. Unlike other less experienced agents we realize our clients' time is valuable. We know the actual properties; we will not waste your time showing you apartments that do not fit your specific needs. Referrals and repeat customers are our trademark. Our goal is not only to find you a home to live in, but to locate a wise investment that we can help you to sell in the future. It is our success rate that has built our outstanding reputation over the past 26 years.

Co-op and Condo Boards
Our trained staff of professionals understands all the intricacies of board requirements. Not only are they familiar with the demands of individual Co-ops all over the city they know how to present your information professionally so that you will be perceived in the best possible light. They will guide you through the entire process from pre screening, to gathering information, filling out forms, creating the actual board package, and even offering guidance on what to expect if you have never been personally interviewed by a board of directors.

Through the years we have learned the ins and outs of getting the best rate for our clients' mortgages. We can help refer you to direct sources for money, not just some mortgage broker thereby saving you money and helping you find the best rate for your loan.